Congratulations to all of our interns on completing the 2023 Indyfluence program! The last four weeks have been jam packed with amazing events, activities, and content to help you MEET INDY, LEARN FROM INDY, and GIVE BACK to INDY! Time has really flown by, but we hope you’ve been able to discover all the great things that the Indy Region has to offer.

We decided to commemorate the end of the program by hosting the closing event at Gainbridge Fieldhouse – the home of the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever basketball teams! We were so grateful to host the final all-intern event right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Indyfluence interns came from companies all around the city and got the chance to reconnect with the friends they’ve made along the way.


Our host for the closing event was Al Carroll – the current president and CEO of Indyhub. Al kicked off the program by giving a little background info on himself and his career journey in Indy.  He told the interns about his experiences as a leader at Indyhub, and his goals to grow, engage and empower Indy’s of 20-and 30-somethings throughout the city. Al expressed his passion for his work and truly reminded us that “people make the city.” After sharing his story, Al took a moment to thank our amazing sponsors who made this program possible – Roche Diagnostics, Eli Lilly and Company, OneAmerica, and Century 21 Scheetz. He even welcomed two of the company reps onstage to share their perspectives on the program.



The first company representative Al invited to stage was Terra Doyle — the Integrated Workforce Strategies Practice Lead of Recruiting Americas at Roche Diagnostics. Al then invited Maurice Taylor — the Executive Director of Global Talent Attraction at Eli Lilly and Company. Both of their companies have been huge supporters of Indyfluence since it was first created in 2018. Terra and Maurice also took the time to give the interns great advice and encouraged them to get connected with the changemakers that would be arriving later in the program for the Leaving a Legacy Networking Event.



Finally, it was time to start the GIVE BACK section of the event! But first, we watched a refresher video to review all of the finalists that were in the running for the $14,000 Indyfluence grant. Al then brought each finalist onstage so they could provide more details about their plans for the donation.

Indiana Youth Group discussed their hopes to continue upholding their food pantry, clothing, and rapid rehousing services for LGBTQIA+ youth who have been kicked out of their homes. accessABILITY talked about their plans to provide home modifications and technology for their peers with disabilities. Flanner House explained their plans to use their grant to continue building their afrocentric mental health support center — Morning Star. And Latina’s Welding Guild planned to use the grant to help more children gain access to their youth summer camp. Interns were encouraged to vote live at the event through a QR code that they could scan after the companies presented their needs.


While votes were tallied, interns were directed to watch a video that recapped all of the amazing programming interns have experienced over the last 4 weeks. Al then invited Terra Doyle and Maurice Taylor back to the stage, but this time they brought a giant check and the winner’s envelope with them! The crowd waited with anticipation as the winner of the 2023 Indyfluence grant was announced…


The crowd erupted in applause as Flanner House’s rep Bwana Clements, Director of Morningstar Mental Health Center, came onstage to accept the $14,000 dollar check and pose for a photo. Bwana celebrated the win by thanking the interns for helping Flanner House grow their mental health center and expand their services. However, Flanner House wasn’t the only winner that day. After the celebration, Al informed the audience that Indyhub would be pledging to donate $2,000 to the other finalist organizations.


After some final words from Al and the Indyfluence GIVE BACK winner, we asked the interns a few questions about their experiences in the program and how their perception of Indy has changed throughout the four weeks. Interns scanned a QR code on their phones to submit their answers and the results were amazing. Most interns stated that they would most likely take a job in Indianapolis after their internship.

Over 80% of the interns also rated their experiences in the program with an 8 out of 10 or higher!


After collecting data, we ended the day off with the Leaving A Legacy Networking Event. We invited company reps and community leaders from all throughout the Indy region to come and speak with the interns. Some of the changemakers had careers in the medical field, the entertainment industry, politics, non-profits, or in business, etc. There was no limit to the types of professional connections interns were able to make!


We are so glad to see the impact that this program has made on young professionals all around Indiana. We loved hearing about the new things you’ve discovered about Indy — whether you’re new to the area or lived here your whole life. And those new connections don’t have to end here! Make sure you get connected with our local organizations and reach out to the leaders you’ve met at the networking event! Also, be sure to fill out the post-event survey to have a chance at winning a $500 Visa gift card!

These last four weeks have been an amazing opportunity for everyone to Meet Indy, Learn From Indy, and Give Back to Indy. We hope you’ve been able to find your special place in this community!

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